A self-taught photographer from Johore, Malaysia, started his artistic journey back in 2007. While his academic background lies in the field of Information Technology, Yuji’s passion for capturing moments and telling stories through his lens is entirely self-driven.

Taking a hiatus for over a decade, Yuji made a return this time with a rangefinder camera and a 35mm lens. His late father's question, "Why aren't you taking photos anymore?" sparked a fire in his heart. Motivated by his father's memory and a desire to reconnect with his creative side, he began a journey of rediscovery.

Influenced by iconic photographer, Jim Marshall, who shaped the music industry's photography, Yuji aims to create images that resonate deeply with viewers, transcending the boundaries of time and culture. He uses black and white imagery to bring attention to the often unnoticed stories. Through his lens, he seeks to evoke emotions and uncover hidden beauty in the ordinary.

Recognized for his talent, Yuji received second place in the International Photography Award (IPA) 2023 under the non-professional category. Further showcasing his commitment, he recently unveiled his debut photobook, a heartfelt dedication to his late father titled 'Why Aren't You Taking Photos Anymore?' with guidance from Gueari Gallery and PBCKL.

Notably, Yuji Haikal has been immersed in the world of event and concert photography since 2007. He's had the privilege of capturing the essence of local bands like OAG, Butterfingers, Laila's Lounge, Komplot, and more, as well as participating in significant events like Rock The World, Urbanscapes Festival, and Nusa Fest. His most recent collaborative ventures with Leica Store Malaysia and Zainal Abidin for the Sound of Spirit edu-concert underscore his diverse and impactful contributions to the field.

Today, Yuji Haikal continues to capture the beauty of life in his images, infusing them with emotion and storytelling. With each click of the shutter, he strives to evoke feelings, inspire others, and create meaningful connections through his unique perspective.



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